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From Market to Table: Securing the Best Export Quality Spices

From Market to Table: Securing the Best Export Quality Spices

Export quality spices are sought after worldwide for their superior flavor, aroma, and purity. These spices, meticulously selected and processed, meet the highest standards and add a unique touch to culinary creations across the globe.

This article delves into the world of export quality spices, covering various aspects such as market prices, top spices, and leading markets in India.

Ground Spices Latest Price

Ground spices are a staple in kitchens globally, prized for their convenience and potent flavors. The prices of ground spices can vary based on factors such as quality, origin, and market demand. As of 2024, here are the latest prices for some popular ground spices:

  • Ground Turmeric: ₹180 – ₹250 per kg
  • Ground Cumin: ₹300 – ₹400 per kg
  • Ground Coriander: ₹200 – ₹300 per kg
  • Ground Black Pepper: ₹600 – ₹800 per kg
  • Ground Red Chili: ₹350 – ₹500 per kg

These prices reflect the current market trends and can fluctuate based on harvest yields and global demand.

All Spice at Best Price

Allspice, a versatile spice that combines flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves, is essential in many global cuisines. Sourcing allspice at the best price involves looking at both quality and quantity. The price for export quality allspice typically ranges from ₹800 to ₹1200 per kg. Buying in bulk and directly from reliable suppliers like 365 Spicery can help secure the best prices.

Spices Bazar

Spices Bazar, a term often used to describe bustling spice markets, are vibrant places where traders and buyers converge to exchange a wide variety of spices. These markets are not just commercial hubs but also cultural landmarks, offering a sensory feast of colors, aromas, and flavors. Key spice bazaars in India include Khari Baoli in Delhi, Crawford Market in Mumbai, and the spice markets of Kochi.

Spices Market in India

India, known as the land of spices, hosts numerous markets where spices of all kinds are traded. Some of the most prominent spice markets in India include:

  • Khari Baoli, Delhi: The largest spice market in Asia, known for its wide variety and competitive prices.
  • Crawford Market, Mumbai: A historic market offering a diverse range of spices and food products.
  • Vashi APMC Market, Navi Mumbai: A major trading hub for spices, known for its wholesale prices and quality products.
  • Kochi Spice Market: Renowned for its high-quality pepper, cardamom, and other spices sourced from Kerala.

These markets are integral to the spice trade, ensuring a steady supply of export quality spices.


Spices Market in Mumbai

Mumbai’s spice markets are renowned for their variety and vibrant trade activities. Key markets include:

  • Crawford Market: Offering everything from local spices to exotic imports, this market is a favorite among both locals and exporters.
  • Mirchi Galli: Located in the heart of Mumbai, it specializes in all types of chilies and other spices.
  • Vashi APMC Market: Known for its wholesale prices, it is a go-to destination for bulk buyers.


These markets provide an extensive range of spices, making Mumbai a crucial hub for spice trade.

Branded Spices at Best Price

When it comes to branded spices, quality and consistency are paramount. Brands like 365 Spicery offer a wide range of export quality spices that meet international standards. These branded spices ensure purity, flavor, and hygiene, making them a preferred choice for both domestic and international buyers. By purchasing directly from trusted brands, consumers can get the best prices without compromising on quality.

Seven Most Used Spices

Spices are an integral part of culinary traditions worldwide. Here are the seven most used spices that are essential in kitchens across the globe:

  1. Black Pepper: Known as the “king of spices,” it adds heat and depth to dishes.
  2. Turmeric: Renowned for its vibrant color and health benefits.
  3. Cumin: A staple in many cuisines, known for its warm, earthy flavor.
  4. Coriander: Used in both seed and ground form, it adds a citrusy flavor.
  5. Cinnamon: Adds sweetness and warmth to both savory and sweet dishes.
  6. Cardamom: Highly aromatic, used in a variety of dishes from curries to desserts.
  7. Red Chili: Adds heat and a fiery flavor to dishes.

These spices are not only popular but also crucial for creating authentic flavors in various culinary traditions.


Buyers for Cooking Spices & Masala

The market for cooking spices and masala is vast, catering to a diverse range of buyers. These include:

  • Home Cooks: Looking for high-quality spices to enhance their everyday meals.
  • Restaurants: Seeking consistent and flavorful spices for their dishes.
  • Food Manufacturers: Needing bulk quantities for mass production of food products.
  • Exporters: Sourcing premium spices to meet international demand.

Companies like 365 Spicery cater to all these buyers, offering a wide range of export quality spices and masalas at competitive prices.

In conclusion, the world of export quality spices is vast and vibrant, with India being a key player in the global market. From bustling spice bazaars to branded spices, there are numerous avenues to source the best spices at competitive prices. By understanding market trends and connecting with reliable suppliers like 365 Spicery, buyers can ensure they get the finest spices to elevate their culinary creations.


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